8 wood towers linked by high catwalks (all about 30 feet high, tree top level) form the resort. Although it is located in the deep forest Ariau provides you with all the facilities you deserve to make your stay even more delightful.

Standard Room

  • Total: 260
  • Included in the packages.
  • Queen or Twin size bed, air conditioned room, mini-bar, and private bath.


  • Suites Total: 11
  • Price range $200 - $3.000, upon availability.
  • Plenty of space, room luxurious decorated with balcony and air conditioner.

Tree Houses (Suites built at the treetop level)

  • Tarzan's House (Caras).
  • Tarzan's House (Discovery).
  • Tarzan's House (Globo).
  • Tarzan's House (Escala).
  • Tarzan's House (President Lula).
  • Tarzan's House (Survivor).
  • Tarzan's House (Posto 9).
  • Tarzan's House (Jacques Cousteau).
  • Tarzan's House (Folha de São Paulo).


  • A rich variety of regional and continental cuisine are served at our 2 buffet restaurants bringing a vast choice of dishes to all tastes.


  • 2 sensational bar where you can have a drink and after a unique day in the rainforest enjoy listen to the wonderful natural symphony provided by thousands of the mysterious animals of the Amazon.


  • 600 people capacity equipped with audiovisual and telecommunications system.


  • 180 people for all types of events such as musical and dance presentations festival trade shows etc.


  • 2 HB 350Model / 5 people capacity. Perfect to transfers and sightseeing tours.


  • 2 big telescopes to discover the beauties of the Forest sky.


  • All fitness equipments to provide the guest the opportunity to stay fit during the trip.


  • Selling a variety of semi-precious Brazil stones .

Video Room

  • Variety of movies to enjoy
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