In 1982, Mr. Jacques Cousteau was in the Amazon with his team, and in Manaus stayed at the Mônaco Hotel ( Dr. Ritta's property ) where Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino, in contact with Mr. Cousteau, who told him that by the year of 2.000, all people would be worried about the environment preservation and the forest devastation. And that the Amazon Rainforest would receive millions of visitors that would like to see what was happening with the forest. Among the visitors, there would be scientists, artists, politicians and different kinds of people, all worried about the devastation that might be happening.

Thus, Dr. Ritta had an idea of building Ariaú Amazon Towers to show that its possible to have an economic project auto supported and preserved. The idea of Ariaú Amazon Towers was born.

Construction on Ariaú Amazon Towers was started on july, 19th , 1984, after a long study of the area where the hotel was supposed to be built,businessman Francisco Ritta Bernardino, got the following conclusion: because it was a flooded area (igapó ground), there was only one way to build the desired structure in the mentioned area. The construction had to follow the natives model of building and more, it should be built by them since they dominate the technique of building on stilts , in any other way it would be impracticable to construct in the chosen area, because of the distance and the difficulty to transfer the necessary materials to the site. With this in mind Ariaú Amazon Towers Hotel idea was born.

The next phase of the project was intended to arrange a competent team of professionals, able to execute this hard job and make the idea into a reality. The constructing of a structure in that area seemed to be an impossible task in the eyes of persons from the city.

A year later , exactly on july, 19th , 1985, the construction began, a contingent composed of carpenters, joiners, electricians, stonemasons, and assistants, were sent to the site, and José Carlos Lima, known as an astute, flexible, versatile, and determined :person, was chosen to head this team.

With his voice of command, allied to the native's strong arms working together we could not have waited for better. And in July, 1986, it was the inauguration of the first tower of Ariaú Amazon Towers, since then, the result has been better than was anticipated.

Fourteen years later, José Carlos Lima is still at Ariaú Amazon Towers, as general manager of the hotel. In the course of these years, Lima acquired a partner that was his right-hand man, known by his nickname of "Pelado", Ednilton has been contributing for tem (10) years with his native knowledge to overcome the years of dissolute flood and devastating drought of the rivers that cover this region.

This natural phenomena, generate the most difficult problems that we can imagine. The native's knowledge was very important to the development of the hotel, one of the most outstanding attractions of the whole structure, was created and built by a native nicknamed Souza. The factors that turned the Tarzan's house an attraction are: the house is built on top of a living tree, at the height of 22m exact from the ground. The way it was built, turns it, the way it is today, a part of the tree where it is located: This permits the visitor, as he/she enjoys the 50m2 feel as a real jungle man.

Despite its height, the house is perfectly safe, after all it is fixed above a tree with a 4m diameter trunk, being one of the strongest trees found around the hotel.

The futuristic vision of businessman Francisco Ritta Bernardino makes him support different ideas coming from natives of different areas in the Amazon.

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