Typical meal in AriauDue to the variety and richness of flavor, fish is the main product of the Amazon gastronomy. The tasty and perfumed tropical fruits, herbs, peppers and the ingredients made from manioc, such as flour, provide the complement of the rich and healthy regional cuisine based on forest products well-known for their medicinal properties.

The restaurants of the capital also offer international menus, as well as other specialties from the Brazilian cuisine.

Much appreciated by locals and visitors, the regional breakfast is a tradition. Fruit juices, tucumã, pupunha, cassava cake, tapioca, banana porridge and so many others make up the delicious morning meal.

Among the main fish served, at the table of the local people, are the tambaqui, the pirarucu, the jaraqui and the tucuraré.

Whether charcoal-roasted, fried or in sauce, they are always prepared with salt, lemon and green species. Another delicious dish is the traditional caldeirada (a fish soup type dish with vegetables and pepper sauce and tucupi sauce) garnished with manioc flour porridge cooked with eggs and herbs.

The fruits with exotic names and flavors such as cupuaçu, açaí and graviola are served either fresh or as flavors in refreshments, ice-creams, sweets and liqueurs.

The variety of the exotic flavors of the Amazon, represent another attraction for those coming from overseas in search for novelties typical of the region.

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