City of Parintins

City of ParintinsParintins stands out as the most hospitable cultural city in the region. The island where today stands Parintins was reached by portuguese Capitain J. Pedro Cordovil in 1796. Its people exhibit an artistic expression recognized worldwide due to their folkloric festival. The city has a population of 71.574, in an area of 7,069 km2, and is located on the right bank of the Amazon River on the Island of Tupinambarana. The hot and humid climate, with a average temperature of 35ºC and 85% humidity, explain the mystery of the city destinated to success. The area´s relief consists of forests of floodplains and highlands, lakes, islands, and a small mountain ridge that forms the border between the states of Amazonas and Pará. Parintins distinguishes itself from other cities because everything the city breathes culture, magic, beauty, and happiness year-round.

How to reach ParintinsPort in Parintins

Parintins is 420 km via river. Local transportation is a regional boat with an average capacity of 200 passengers accommodated in hammocks, cabins, and suites. These boats dock at the floating pier in Manaus and leave daily for Parintins. Proceeding from Manaus, the trip on the River takes 15 hours going downstream, and 27 hours going upstream. From Santarém, the trip is 8 hours downstream and 15 hours upstream on the Amazon River.

By air, five companies provide daily flights to the island. The number of available flights increases according to the demand at festival time.

See information about the Festival of Parintins

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